To create the highly needed sepsis awareness, the Global Sepsis Alliance started the World Sepsis Day Campaign and set up the World Sepsis Declaration. The campaign – which is embedded in our World Sepsis Day movement –  aims at educating medical professionals, informing policymakers, and creating awareness among the general public.




World Sepsis Day

World Sepsis Day is an initiative of the Global Sepsis Alliance and its founding members, all of whom are
non-profit organizations. Each year on 13 September, various activities take place around the world to raise awareness of sepsis.

One of the WSD highlights in 2016 was the 1st World Sepsis Congress.


Facts about sepsis, goals and actions of World Sepsis Day, News, Events and lots of information and materials can be found here:
Webpage World Sepsis Day

For the Arabic speaking region Dr Salman Aziz prepared in cooperation with the GSA „The Sepsis Bulletin“.
Sepsis Bulletin_Arabic_2016-04-28


Main focus of the Global Sepsis Alliance’s work for 2016 is to persuade the World Health Assembly (WHA) to approve by official resolution the designation of World Sepsis Day (WSD) as one of the World Health Days. More information about this initiative and how to support it can be found here: WHO initiative

Global Sepsis Awards

The Global Sepsis Awards are launched by the Global Sepsis Alliance and sponsored by the Erin Kay
Flatley Memorial Foundation. The awards recognize major achievements of governments, organizations and
individuals, consistent with the aims of the World Sepsis Declaration and the World Sepsis Day movement.

The Global Sepsis Awards 2017 will be granted in three categories:
I. Governments and health care authorities
II. Nongovernmental organization and patient advocate groups or healthcare provider groups
III. Individual nominees

Detailed information as well as requirements for submissions can be found here:

The deadline for applications is 31 March 2017.
Please send applications with the keyword “Global Sepsis Awards” to:


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