Working Committees

Currently, the Global Sepsis Alliance has 3 working committees:

The Strategic Resource Committee (SRC) started working in January. First, the members developed a deep internal analysis, highlighting the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the mission of the Global Sepsis Alliance. Based on this research, they identified donor categories, such as industry partners, foundations, or philanthropic activists. Subsequently, the SRC is working on sharpening the vision and mission of the GSA, creating a persuading pitch for potential donors. This committee is chaired by Bradley Campbell, who is the president of Corpus Sanchez International and supporting the GSA pro bono.

The Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) is the newest addition to the committees of the GSA and had its first meeting in the middle of April. It consists of 13 experts from all over the world and brings together huge expertise and experience regarding quality improvement projects. Jointly, they will establish an interactive online repository were all that expertise can be accessed by anybody who wants to pursue a quality improvement project and needs a hand to get started. To assist in the process, the QIC offers individual counseling sessions and even webinars for medium-sized audiences. This committee is chaired by Vida Hamilton, who is the National Clinical Lead for Sepsis at the Health Service Executive in Ireland. Deputy chair is Harvey Lander, Director of Between the Flags, Sepsis and Medication Safety at the Clinical Excellence Commission from Sydney, Australia.

The Internal Affairs Committee (IAC) maintains and develops all policies that ensure accountability and transparency, ensures the adherence to the laws of UK and Germany, and the status as a charitable organization. Currently, the members of the IAC are working on the completion of the minute book. This committee is chaired by Ray Schachter, who is a member of the Executive Board and head of the Task Force responsible for the World Health Assembly.

If you want to contribute to the committees, for example with ideas around fundraising strategies, or if you want to make use of the QIC to get assistance implementing your own quality improvement committee in your organization, please get in touch with GSA’s general manager Marvin Zick at Marvin.Zick[at]

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