GSA objectives in general:
GSA’s mission is best set out find bride scam in the targets of the World Sepsis Declaration, issued in March 2012. find bride scam World Sepsis Declaration

We want to ensure that:

  • The incidence of sepsis decreases globally by implementation of strategies to prevent sepsis.
  • Sepsis survival increases for children (including neonates) and adults in all countries through the promotion and adoption of early recognition systems and standardized emergency treatment
  • Public and professional understanding and awareness of sepsis improve
  • Access to appropriate rehabilitation services improve for all patients worldwide
  • The measurement of the global burden of sepsis and the impact of sepsis control and management interventions improve significantly

Current priorities:

  • Acknowledgement of a resolution on sepsis including official designation of World Sepsis Day (WSD) as one of the World Health Days by the World Health Assembly.
  • Recognition of sepsis in the Global Burden of Disease Report
  • Increase of public awareness and implementation of quality improvement initiatives


What you can do:

If your are an individual or hospital:

  • Sign the World Sepsis Declaration
  • Initiate Quality Improvement measures on a local,
    regional or national level
  • Join our awareness or quality improvement committees
  • Help us raise awareness for sepsis
  • Donate

If your are an organization/society:

  • Become a member of GSA



Online donation

In case you need a donation receipt, don’t forget to include your full address.

Please Support Our Fight Against Sepsis and Donate!


Save the Date:
13. September // World Sepsis Day

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