Sepsis is one of the most underestimated health risks. It affects more than 30 million people worldwide each year; for 6 to 8 million of them with a fatal outcome. Surviving patients often suffer for years from late complications.
This is all the more disturbing as sepsis incidence could be considerably reduced by some simple preventive measures such as vaccination and improved adherence to hygiene standards, early recognition and optimized treatment. The main danger of sepsis results from a lack of knowledge about it.
The founding members of the Global Sepsis Alliance (GSA) have recognized the need to elevate public, philanthropic and governmental awareness and understanding of sepsis and to accelerate collaboration among researchers, clinicians, associated working groups and those dedicated to supporting them. For this reason, they initiated the Global Sepsis Alliance in 2010. Together with supporting organizations from across the globe, we are united in one common goal:

Stop sepsis – save lives!

Executive Board Global Sepsis Alliance
Chairman: Konrad Reinhart, DE
Vice Chairman: Niranjan „Tex“ Kissoon, CAN
CEO: Ron Daniels, UK
Secretary: Flavia Machado, BR
Treasurer: Simon Finfer, AUS
Governance: Ray Schachter, CAN

General Manager
Marvin Zick

Council Members (2015-2018)
Global Sepsis Alliance Council Members representing founding organizations:
• Derek Angus, ISF
• Leanne Aitkin, WFCCN
• Niranjan „Tex“ Kissoon, WFPICCS
• John Marshall, WFSICCM
• Jim O’Brien, Sepsis Alliance

Global Sepsis Alliance Council Members:
• Andrew Argent, ZA
• Antonio Artigas, ES
• Bin Du, CN
• Simon Finfer, AUS
• Mitchell Levy, USA
• Flávia R. Machado, BR
• Jean-Paul Mira, FR
• Satoshi Nakagawa, JP
• Hussain Nasser AlRahma, UAE
• Kevin Rooney, UK
• Kevin Tracey, USA

More information about GSA:
GSA Flyer 2016

Our Sponsors
Center for Sepsis Control & Care | Thermo Fisher Scientific | CSL Behring | BD | Erin Kay Flatley Memorial Foundation | Adrenomed | Alere Technologies | Sysmex Europe | Klinik Bavaria | InflaRx | bioMérieux | 1abtik | Dräger-Stiftung


Online donation

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Save the Date:
13. September // World Sepsis Day

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