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10 approaches to be the ideal plus effective cougar hunter

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10 approaches to be the ideal plus effective cougar hunter

Oregon’s people of about 6,000 cougars occupies a wide variety of environment over the county, offer a year-round, readily-accessible looking chance.

Their own nocturnal behaviors and stealthy dynamics generate cougars a difficult big video game animal to hunt. ODFW animals technician Scott Napoli from White lake creatures room and biologist Herman Biederbeck from the north shore present these guidelines to help you harvest much more cougars.


Ditch the schedule. Winter months, after various other big video game months have actually shut, is a great time and energy to search cougar. Wet, cold surface causes it to be more straightforward to monitor cougar. In addition deer and elk begin to focus in decreased level locations, getting significant destinations to hungry cougars.


Scout, find, document.

  • Before your search, spending some time on the go scouting for cougar the same way an elk hunter scouts for elk.
  • Detect cougar indication like tracks (make sure you know very well what a cougar track looks like), eliminates web sites (cougars cover their own kill and go back to they later on) and even fragrance markers (a clean of foliage and twigs that cougars used to draw their particular territories with urine and poo).
  • Document everything you look for on a map or GPS. Just like you begin to gather data, you may start to see habits in exactly how a cougar travels inside their region.


Put up walk digital cameras on ridgelines and online game tracks to see what’s taking place whenever you’re maybe not there. Even better, focus on canyon avenues, where kittens like to spend some time.


Utilize high quality telephone calls. Predator contacting is the greatest option for focusing on cougars and being winning. But anticipate to purchase a good phone call. Give consideration to both the way to obtain the sounds they truly are record plus the quality of the digital playback. Read More