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Are My Personal Teenage Girl A Lesbian—Or Could It Possibly Be Only A Step?

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Are My Personal Teenage Girl A Lesbian—Or Could It Possibly Be Only A Step?

Inside:Is my teenager daughter a lesbian? Possibly or not, but here’s how to handle this painful and sensitive adolescent sexuality subject

This blog post was actually led by Jill Whitney, LMFT

Such about teenager sex is different from just what it got several years back.

In which once it had been uncomfortable, if not hazardous, becoming any such thing except that straight, we have now talking freely about a spectral range of orientations and sexes. Intimate diversity possess busted out from the closet—to the point whereby being LGBTQ is actually method of cool.

Therefore don’t be very impressed when your teenage child declares sooner or later that shes a lesbian. It’s more widespread than you may imagine nowadays. Bu you may possibly ponder whether she or he child is a lesbian for real, or whether their only a phase. Perhaps shes just experimenting; perhaps cover increase out of it. Or perhaps not.

How do you see?

Regrettably, theres no way to inform. Some women whom experiment with same-sex associates wind up joyfully straight. More ladies find theyre attracted only or largely to girls and establish as lesbian for their entire schedules. People reach recognize as bisexual. Theres absolutely no way for you really to anticipate which example will describe your own girl. She cannot have any idea by herself.

Were Not All Directly or All Gay

A very important factor try positive: anyone dont go with the nice little cartons we often put them in. We could possibly have cultivated upwards considering everyone was either female or male, but in fact there have invariably been folk whose structure and/or thought sex didnt match tidily in either class. (in a few cultures this is exactly called the next sex” and addressed with honor.) Queer is something for millennia before Us citizens begun writing about it. Read More