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Here’s are two files from an old Ajaha hi hat pair

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Here’s are two files from an old Ajaha hi hat pair

The cymbals were stamped with a a€?Ga€? in the edge of the underside like many old K Zildjians from Istanbul. Those cymbals dated on 1940s to make certain that implies this cymbal is very older.

The salesperson stated yes a€“ but we later on realized truly in reality a Ufip

Another pair of photo is another set of heya hats apparently through the exact same days. It would appear that a€?X I? Ajaha a€z is handwritten on these cymbals.

There’s really an older signature on the market besides. It says a€?Constantinoplea€? which had been the style with many cymbal brands in the early an element of the 100 years. If we can find a photograph of this stamp, we would need an underlying cause for a cymbal schedule including past, Intermediate, and New Ajaha stamps. Any person worry to generally share a photo with the ultimate goal original Ajaha stamp?

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