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Let me make it clear more info on Fragolina – “Little strawberry”

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Let me make it clear more info on Fragolina – “Little strawberry”

“Honey”, “sugar”, “sweetheart”, and from now on another sweet term: in Italy your message fragolina (“little strawberry”) is employed as a phrase of endearment. Oahu is the diminutive kind of fragola.

39. Stella/stellina – “Star”

Stella is a lot more than just a brandname of alcohol – it really is the word that is italian “star”, and a term of endearment you are able to phone your Italian enthusiast.

40-42. Tesoro/Cuore Mio/Amore Mio – “Treasure/My Heart/My Love”

We’ve seen these before various other languages:

  • Tesoro – “treasure”
  • Cuore mio – “my heart”
  • Amore mio – “my love”

Utilize them as you would into the languages currently mentioned previously.

43. Microbino mio – “My small microbe”

Now this will be one we absolutely haven’t seen prior to! In Italian it is possible to affectionately phone somebody microbino mio – “my small microbe”.

Strange though it might appear, this really is a real term of endearment in Italian.

German Terms of Endearment

44. Schatz – “Treasure”

Probably the most typical term of endearment in German is Schatz, which literally means… “treasure”, all over again.

Keep in mind that nouns in German will always capitalised, therefore Schatz is created with a capital “S” even though it is not at the start of a phrase.

45. -chen / -lein

Once more, German has suffixes that are diminutive are put into any noun or somebody’s title.

In Spanish, you had to find the right diminutive ending to match the noun’s sex. German does not quite work that way.

Recall that German has three genders: masculine, feminine, and neuter. No matter a noun’s sex, it is possible to add -chen or -lein to the conclusion.

There isn’t any difference that is real meaning, but -chen is more typical. Read More